Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Bailout Failout

     The House of Represntives failed to provide the Big Bailout bill for Wallstreet and a couple of Banks.There was 95 Democrats along with the majority of Repbulians voted against a bill that would rescue a few businesses on Wall Street and Banks.  Most of the American Taxpayer dosen't like the bill since it is considered a bailout. Foxnews explained that a majority of the voting public got intouch with their representitives in Washington telling them they didn't like what the bill was about. So when the votes were counted and the bill fail to pass. 
     House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went in front of the house and spewed the most vile blame on the administration and the minority party,Republicans. Government is Broken. Broken due to greed and sloppy laws for the past 20 years. Partisan politics is Bull Crap and now getting very old. Isn't it time to have a new revolution against not the government but the Democrats and the Republicans. Lies are on both sides,it's getting to the point who do you trust. Not the President,Not the Congress,surley not the courts. It's Broke. 
The National Review Online : article title Failed Vote by the editors:     
The $700 billion bailout bill is palatable to no one. It’s a huge price tag. It was originally presented to Congress as all but a fait accompli. Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke have been underwhelming in selling the plan on Capitol Hill. And it’s hated by a public suspicious of the country’s elites, whether in Washington or on Wall Street. rest of the article

During this period where the hell is Obama,has he even given enough though for the country to even call and try to solve this problem with the leadership in the house. NO. Atleast McCain has tried to help with being there to call and talk with lawmakers. What he accomplished was not a political goal but a goal to help the country. Be politically selfish as in Obama who may get  the White House because instead of being a Leader you were a politician just like what caused the problem we're in now.God Help Us.

      What is needed in Washington D.C. right now is leadership from both parties and for that Leadership stop being politians trying to see how they can make the other party look bad but become Americans and trying to make America stronger and solvent. Not Conservative and Not Liberal,but American.